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The small green ghost pup runs up to his feet and wags his tail. It was clear he was excited to see him. 

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"Ah…what…??" Sidney looked up and squeaked, seeing the dog. "Awww~!"

His tail wags.

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Dinner Time

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I want to _____ you.

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Found Pup|| @thefireandtheice


Thorek smiled. The dog seemed trained so far. He picked up the ball, and he threw it a little harder, a tad further, and watched to see if the dog could keep up.

The pup takes off again, tearing after the ball. He seemed faster than most pups. He could also jump rather high. He’s able to catch it again. He looks back at him as he knew it was kind of amazing before he runs back to him. 

Found Pup|| @thefireandtheice


Thorek was a bit surprised that the pup managed to catch it before it hit the ground. The tumbles as the dog came back were pretty cute, and he put his hand out to see if the pup would return the ball, or like a lesser-trained pup, would instead run off to chew on it.

He stops, chews on it a bit and then drops it. He’d play fetch with him a bit longer and if he got bored with that maybe then he’d start a small game of keep away with him. 


Sage smiled slightly and led him into the training room then closed the door tightly, immediately silencing all outside noise. “Ahh~ that’s much better. Don’t you agree, Cujo?” She reached down and pet him.

The pup visibly relaxes when the door is closed. He finds a spot in the room to sit, looking to her and giving small happy pants. He accepts the pets. 

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She jumped at the sound and growls deeply. She really didn’t like the sound. “Come on, let’s go in there already.” She grabbed a container of fresh fruit and started for the training room. “You coming, Cujo?”

He was eager to get away from the loud boomy sounds. So without much if any hesitation he is following at her heels to this place she says won’t be so noisy. 

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